Blue Heron Pointe committees


Blue Heron Pointe is beautiful due to the efforts of many of our co-owners who get involved through their participation in various committees. If you want to get involved, please contact any of our board of directors or any of the chairs of our committees. Also, if you feel we would benefit from additional committees, please contact the board with your suggestion.

Board of Directors
(Click Picture for contact details)


The board of directors perform a variety of tasks in an effort to ensure that our condo complex is properly maintained, in compliance with any local and federal laws and financially solvent.

Finance Committee
(Don Johnson - 248-345-2142)


The finance committee has a responsibility to insure our Association’s financial transactions are handled in a timely and accurate manner consistent with generally accepted accounting principles. The Finance Committee develops and monitors the operating budget, maintains a schedule for reserve funding, and assists in the annual audit review process.

Water Committee
(Jon Gould - 248-347-4181)


The water committee is responsible for making recommendations to the board of directors concerning the quality and quantity of water within Blue Heron Lake.


Landscaping Committee
(Diane Johnson 248-207-6997)


The landscaping committee is responsible

for making recommendations on the beautification of BHP through landscaping initiatives.

Rules & Regulations Committee
(Dave Daugherty 313-268-0299)


Responsible for making recommendations to the board of directors for both rules and regulation changes as well as to make recommendations of fines for rules violations.

Neighborhood Watch Committee
(Dave Daugherty - 313-268-0299)


Responsible for crime and vandalism prevention within our neighborhood. Members keep an eye on one another's properties and report suspicious incidents to the police. Members are asked not to intervene in any incident.


Light Brigade
(Dave Daugherty - 248-773-7348)


The light brigade are responsible for recommendations on public lighting within our complex, and they replace burnt out bulbs in common areas.

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