Avoid fines...Get your spring projects approved!

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Every spring there seems to be one or two cases of residents with best intentions doing exterior modifications that were not approved by the Board of Directors that do not meet the bylaws of Blue Heron Pointe.

REMEMBER - You must get exterior modification changes like landscaping work, new doors or windows, purchase of a new high effeciency furnace that requires exterior ducting, new satellite service with exterior anteneas approved by the board of directors.

Additionally, the purchase of a new boat MUST meet the length requirement of 14 feet, 7 inches to be allowed in our lake.

PLAY IT SAFE! If in doubt, call our management company to get clarification on any exterior work you are contemplating.

We want Blue Heron Pointe to continue to be the premier condo association in Michigan! Let's work together to keep our complex the standard of luxury living!

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