Newest issue of the Spring 2016 BHP rules and regulations


Listed below are a brief summary of Spring 2016 rules and regulations changes:


Condominium Unit Ownership, Maintenance and Modification

- Clarified maintenance, repair, replacement and maintenance responsibility assignment for building exteriors and appurtenances.

- Added emphasis to the reminder that changes to materials, paint or stain colors anywhere on the exterior of the Unit or it’s appurtenant structures are regulated as “Alterations”.

This includes windows and doors, balcony, decking and patios.

Grills, Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

- Clarified that Open burning, which is not permitted, includes gas fired heaters.

Decorations, Exterior Lighting and Plantings

- Clarified the stipulation on the permissible number of statues, artwork, ornamental figurines, or similar items in each general location around a Unit.


- Clarified permissible presence of pet animals.


- Added a maximum width limitation.

- Added explanation for advertised vs regulated boat width and length.

- Clarified personal watercraft permissible.

Restricted Activities

- Clarified noise regulations.

- Codified the process for reporting allegations of Rules violations


Link to the 2016 BHP rules and regulations.





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